Making Quiet. Innovative acoustic solutions for the Floor, Wall and Ceiling (FWC). 


Noise is one of the great problems of the modern world. Large cities are becoming more densely populated. People are now living in closer proximity to one another, with the activities of some often disturbing the rest-time of others. Where shared spaces for work and study have been designed to promote creativity and collaboration, too often these result in noise fatigue and lower productivity. 

Acoufelt delivers solutions to the problem of Making Quiet™ for working, learning and living spaces.

The “acoustic” vs “aesthetics” design compromise has often fallen in favour of aesthetics. The Acoufelt holistic approach means we look for ways to eliminate the need for compromise. Acoufelt acoustic carpet tiles featuring QuietBack™ can be used to absorb noise reflected from the floors, and walls and ceilings can be treated with acoustic panels featuring QuietPrint™ – a holistic solution. This means that with Acoufelt, spaces can be designed for the eyes as well as the ears.

Acoufelt™ is all about Making Quiet™ for working, learning and living spaces. World class thought leadership drives the Acoufelt Acoustic FWC™ philosophy of delivering acoustic materials suitable for all three surfaces; Floor, Wall and Ceiling. Our industry specific innovative solutions eliminate compromise, allowing you to design for the ears as well as the eyes.

Acoufelt Carpet Tiles. 

The Acoufelt Carpet Tile collections all feature QuietBack™ , offering an excellent solution in the management of noise and there’s no better place to start other than at the floor. These tiles are superior in acoustic performance with excellent dimensional stability due to the unique construction process and materials used. 


Acoufelt Panels.

Acoufelt Panels were introduced as a high-performing acoustic solution for walls where sound management is important. Many educational and work spaces today are utilizing this panel format for a decorative and solution in absorbing unwanted sound. 

More recent advancements have enabled high resolution digital printing using modern technology to print a range of designs and custom prints directly onto panels without reducing the effectiveness of the acoustic performance. This has only made sound management so much more achievable in life’s spaces. 


Acoufelt Art.

The Acoufelt holistic approach to “Making Quiet™” means we are constantly looking for ways to eliminate compromise – specifically compromises that prevent you from designing for the ears as well as the eyes.

Enter the newly released Acoufelt Acoustic Art project. This is a result from well renowned thought leadership, created to deliver instant action in reducing noise in working, learning and living spaces.


WoodBeQuiet™ is the synchronization of visual beauty, superior sound absorption and environmental sensitivity. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Three become complete in one; past, present and future aligned. 



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