Enduring good looks, design sense and practical aesthetics still make tiles one of today’s superior surface solutions


Nature refined in sensational Cork flooring products – sustainable luxury like never before.


Making Quiet. High performing acoustic solutions for the floors, walls and ceiling. 

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  • 1741


    1741 – a taste of days past. The essence of style and character is found in this collection of geometric shapes and patterns. Soft cementious tones recreate the allure of trendy…


  • Acoustic Custom Panels.

    Acoustic Custom Panels.


  • Acoustic Fracture Panels.

    Acoustic Fracture Panels.


  • Acoustic Printed Panels.

    Acoustic Printed Panels.


  • Acoustic Solid Panels.

    Acoustic Solid Panels.


  • Acousticork.


    1741 – a taste of days past. The essence of style and character is found in this collection of geometric shapes and patterns. Soft cementious tones recreate the allure of trendy encaustic tiles with all the benefits of full body porcelain, whilst the hexagonal patterns add stylish opportunity to any project from cafe floors to trendy living and fashionable bathing spaces.



  • Acquarella


    Acquarella is a collection of old-world wall tiles in an array of subtle pastel tones from Spain. This popular format with a lightly handmade patina and aesthetic superbly imitates…


  • Alaska Oak

    Alaska Oak


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  • Amber


    Amber offers a subtle textural effect for interior installations in two popular colours. Amber is an effective tile option in many of today’s interior decor….


  • Arcadian Arctic Pine.

    Arcadian Arctic Pine.


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  • Arcadian Rye Pine.

    Arcadian Rye Pine.


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  • Arcadian Soya Pine.

    Arcadian Soya Pine.


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  • Argelith


    With oil, grease, alkalines and acids, along with heavy vehicles and dropped tools, a workshop floor has to put up with a lot of punishment. An extra-strong, easy-to-clean ceramic tile is recommendable in such cases…

  • Arrow


    Arrow is a striking collection of small chevron shaped tiles in classic design. The effect is exquisite and extends the boundaries of interior design through the use of tile….


  • Athens


    Athens Series – this range of 450×450 tiles offer an earthy sandstone effect in four popular tones complementing today’s trending decors…


  • Belour


    Modern design with touches of glamour – the Belour collection subtly draws attention to itself through soft patterns and lightly rusticated edges on a palette of popular tones…


  • Bianco


    Simple, elegant and modern – Trafalgar offers subtle effects through warm classic tones and a highly serviceable lappato surface for a touch of glam. Designed for todays new home, this collection will ‘improve lifes spaces’…


  • Breccia


    Exquisite marble-effect tiles available in a highly polished and soft matt surface – this tile creates a stylish impression in any space. The high definition and subtle variation make for a high quality finish and design….


  • Brick


    Brick tile series, the ultimate collection of fashionable, popular colours in the top selling 100×300 format…


  • Brick Bevel

    Brick Bevel

    Stylish and classic, these beveled tiles offer a great look for typical splash areas in the home or project,  or often seen installed throughout complete bathroom spaces for that timeless design…


  • Calacutta


    Calacutta is a stunning glazed porcelain, offering a classic white and grey marbled effect. The brilliant surface and timeless pattern now makes this one of Quantum’s most popular tiles. Available in matt and polished surfaces….


  • Canyon


    The Canyon ‘QuietBack’ collection was inspired by the stillness and tranquillity of the canyon floor in the beautiful desert country between Southern California and the Colorado Plateau in the USA. The canyon walls shield you from the noise above. You are at peace amongst stunning beauty. Wildlife abounds in this quiet land. Wildlife that would otherwise be overlooked or dispersed by the noise of modern life…


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  • Casa Vita Black Square Mosaic

    Casa Vita Black Square Mosaic

    Always edgy in black, the Casa Vita Black mosaic collection offers striking effects in any installation. These mosaics are glazed porcelain allowing for installation across both floors and walls, and can also be installed in pool settings…


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  • Casa Vita Glassblend Mosaic

    Casa Vita Glassblend Mosaic

    The Glassblend mosaics offer a striking and timeless effect in any installation. This mix of glass, stone and metal will compliment any decor beautifully…


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