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  • Acoustic Custom Panels.

    Acoustic Custom Panels.


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  • Acoustic Fracture Panels.

    Acoustic Fracture Panels.


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  • Acoustic Printed Panels.

    Acoustic Printed Panels.


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  • Acoustic Solid Panels.

    Acoustic Solid Panels.


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  • Canyon


    The Canyon ‘QuietBack’ collection was inspired by the stillness and tranquillity of the canyon floor in the beautiful desert country between Southern California and the Colorado Plateau in the USA. The canyon walls shield you from the noise above. You are at peace amongst stunning beauty. Wildlife abounds in this quiet land. Wildlife that would otherwise be overlooked or dispersed by the noise of modern life…


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    Desking Solutions

    Desking Solutions

    Canyon is another wild child to hit the Quantum collection of tiles. Vivid patterns..


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  • Escape


    Escape, one of the Acoufelt’s favorites with its simple design and practical aesthetics. Escape offers an array of timeless tones, providing interiors with a popular solution in floor coverings along with the guaranteed advantages of ‘Quietback’…


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  • Flinders.


    Flinders ‘QuietBack’ offers an economical solution in acoustic carpet tiles featuring the same effective acoustic ‘Quietback’ integrated backing. The subtle pattern and textures will create a seamless, practical and stylish floorscape in any modern office or learning environment…


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  • Monitor.


    Monitor is a popular collection of carpet tile planks in several shades of charcoal / grey, with the ability to introduce some subtle traces of colour. Timeless style and tones, the Monitor collection features ‘Quietback’ acoustic performance for the ultimate office or educational floor covering…


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  • Multistorey.


    Multistorey, a popular style and concept in commercial and residential interior floors. The subtle, clean style offers project and interior designs a minimalist and serviceable floor in soft textures and warm contemporary tones. Featuring the same acoustic ‘Quietback’ integrated layer for the ultimate in comfort and acoustic benefit…


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  • Palette.


    Palette, a sensational collection of vibrant, bold colours all featuring the exclusive ‘Quietback’ acoustic layer. Add life, interest and ‘Quiet’ to your next project design with blocks or lines of colour using this stunning Palette collection…


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  • Scatter.


    Scatter, a popular collection from the Acoufelt lineup featuring the same exclusive ‘Quietback’ acoustic layer. Add interest and ‘quiet’ to your next project design with Scatter…


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  • Urban.


    Urban, a classy classic with practical design, where a geometric pattern offers office interiors a floor with interest and timeless appeal. Pared with the same great ‘Quietback’ acoustic layer for a quality, enduring and quiet floor.


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  • WoodBeQuiet