20mm Porcelain Pavers…the ultimate paving solution! 

If you are looking to create sophisticated outdoor areas that demand outstanding technical performance, then 20mm porcelain pavers are the ultimate solution for you and your project. 

Designed specifically for the outdoors, 20mm porcelain pavers are incredibly versatile and durable. It brings all the aesthetic and technological benefits of interior porcelain flooring to your exterior landscape areas. If you are contemplating an outdoor project, from a small residential patio or driveway, to a large public walkway, take a moment to learn more about this innovative architectural product.

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Gravel or Sand Installation

Dry installation onto gravel or sand is an excellent option where water permeability must be retained and installation of a slab is not an option. This method can be used in both private and public spaces and uses traditional landscape paving methodologies. “It is recommended that you consult with a professional landscaper or engineer to accurately calculate the thickness of the following layers according to the intended use and stressing loads.”

Excavate the area to be paved and level the substrate making sure you leave at least a 2% slope across the area.

Pedestal Installation

The original 20mm paver design emanated from the need to repair and maintain roof-top balconies and exposed internal deck and patio areas whilst retaining the benefits of porcelain tile. As time has progressed, many national council regulations also now require these elevated deck jack systems on any area above ground level over existing floors and building spaces. These elevated deck jacks allow the tile surface to float above the substrate below and enable access to cabling, plumbing or waterproofing at any point with ease. 

Grass Installation

20mm thick porcelain tiles can be laid directly onto grass. Ideally each tile needs to be laid flat with no gaps beneath it and slightly lower than the surface of the grass for ease of mowing. The ideal installation method would involve the following: 4-8mm fine gravel, trowel, soft mallet hammer

Direct Installation

Direct adhesion remains a popular and recommended option in high or heavy transit spaces. The ideal laying solution for outdoor driveways, car parks, garage ramps, as the laid surface is extremely resistant to both dynamic and concentrated loads. Expansion joints are recommended, and the gaps between the tiles must be filled with a cement-based grout.


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