Post Date: 25th Feb 2018

Birthing Centre Manawatu

Birthing Centre’s NZ recently opened the newly built Manawatu complex with an excellent result and echoes of positive feedback. These centers are an excellent community addition and offer the ultimate space for mothers and their newborn. The aim was to provide a homely, warm environment and the colours and surfaces need to reflect this. Coupled with this, was the need for a serviceable product for both floor and walls whilst retaining all aspects of safety. 

Much time was given to sourcing a suitable tiles for all the birthing suite bathrooms, and the Veiwtech 1.0 Travertine Silver in both Lappato (on walls) and the anti-slip were utilized (floors). The result is exceptional and is a stunning space for all involved. See the Veiwtech 1.0 collection here

Acoufelt carpet tiles were supplied for all carpeted areas, and clients went for the popular ‘Multistory Structure’ creating a minimalist floor-scape…creating a residential design and style. The acoustic performance of these carpet tiles is impressive, and offers a passive acoustic solution throughout these spaces. See the range here…


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