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Quantum is focused on offering popular, high quality product selection from some of Spain and Italy’s top manufacturers.

Hydrocork Flooring.

the ultimate flooring is now here..quieter, softer, warmer and waterproof….

About Us.

Quantum Group is a nationwide importer and distributor of tiles, acoustic carpet tiles, cork flooring and associated tiling profiles and tools.

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Quantum Group is always happy to discuss new ideas and opportunities and can easily be contacted.

Project Focus.


Westmount opens a showstopping new modern learning facility in Palmerston North, with Acoufelt decorating the floors throughout

Birthing Center.

A stylish, modern and inviting environment now available for Manawatu mothers..

Hydrocork now in NZ.

Its been a busy few months for the Quantum team as they hit the NZ market with this exciting new flooring solution..

Why Hydrocork?

Hydrocork…why is this product the ultimate flooring solution!? 


Stay on Q.

Cork Story.

One of natures miracles…Cork is a fascinating story

Tribeca Brick.

Unique, stylish and timeless with a contemporary edge…


Eclectic, metropolitan…this hot new wall tile collection is cool

The Ultimate Paver..

Why 20mm porcelain pavers are the ultimate paving solution


Quantum Group is an Importer and Distributor of high quality flooring products including porcelain tile, acoustic carpet tiles, cork flooring..


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