Perfection and harmony can only be found in nature


Dekwall offers unique textures and shapes that appeal to our senses and capture the cosy essence of nature.

Dekwall wall coverings are made of two cork layers – the thicker layer is made with agglomerated cork and is used as backing, providing superior comfort, noise reduction and warmth. On top of it you will find a decorative veneer, a thin sheet of cork, created by combining various shapes of natural cork, achieving visuals full of personality. For increased protection, the visual is coated with a protective finishing in either a wax or vanish coating. 

Quantum stocks a stunning range tones from the Dekwall collection here in NZ, and is readily available in a swatch format for your perusal. With over 30 designs, and styles we have worked to hold the the most popular styles here for your next project. If your preferred selection is not currently available, we can readily  indent ship this is short notice subject to your project requirements. 

Use Dekwall on your next project for a touch of understated and elegant style. 


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