Acquarella is a collection of old-world wall tiles in an array of subtle pastel tones from Spain. This popular format with a lightly handmade patina and aesthetic superbly imitates the original subway or butcher tile design. Also now available with a beautiful matching capping in ‘white’ and ‘black’ to suit the 300x75 format – ideal for that perfect finish. 

  • Glazed Ceramic
  • Glossy Finish
  • Rippled, hand fashioned edges and surface
  • Wall tiling only
  • Made in Spain

150mm x 75mm – Stock size
300mm x 75mm – White/Black/Silver
130mm x 130mm – White Only
130mm x 390mm – White only (cool size!)

Price Guide*
$110.00 – $135.00/m2
($RRP incl GST)
*freight or delivery charges may apply



   Acquarella TDS

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